Our EverFit Club views physical health as a lifelong commitment to everlasting fitness, hence “EverFit.”

EverFit is practiced in all Cascade Living Group communities and helps our seniors embrace active lifestyles that strengthen their bodies, including their hearts, and improve their balance and flexibility. 

Based on personal interests and preferences, EverFit fits everyone because fitness is anything that gets a body moving: working in the garden, taking a walk, low-impact cardio classes, weight training in our state-of-the-art fitness centers, water aerobics, ballroom & line dancing classes or recreational sports, to name a few. (EverFit also features a brain fitness program that challenges our residents’ minds in fun and entertaining ways!)

Regardless of a resident’s current fitness level, EverFit’s ongoing resolution is to help him or her to establish and meet fitness goals that lead to a healthier – and happier – life. 

 Visit us online to learn more about Cascade Living Group’s EverFit Club.